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Dr Ben Shirt-Ediss

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Dr. Ben Shirt-Ediss is a computer scientist with a special interest in modelling chemical, biochemical and physico-chemical systems. He is currently a Research Associate in Computational Nanobiology within the ICOS group at Newcastle University.

In the Portabolomics project, Dr. Shirt-Ediss was involved with the computational/theoretical modelling of biomolecular processes,

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Andrew Lawson

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picture.php-2Andrew was the Operations Assistant for our Portabolomics and the ICOS team and now works as the Operations Assistant to the Computing Science Head of School at Newcastle University.

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Professor Marcus Kaiser

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Prof. Marcus Kaiser studied biology and computer science at the Ruhr-University Bochum and the Distance University Hagen and obtained his PhD from Jacobs University Bremen in 2005. He is initiator and co-director of the Wellcome Trust PhD programme in Systems Neuroscience. He is leader of the UK INCF Special Interest Group in Image-based Neuroinformatics,

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Dr Jonathan Tellechea Luzardo

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Jonathan started his PhD in September 2016 in the Portabolomics project trying to increase the yield of enzymatic pathways using dCas9 technology.​​ He also successfully worked on the CellRepo project and recently got his PhD awarded. Jonathan left the group and moved back to Spain in October 2020.

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