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The 19th PEALS International Symposium, ‘The implications and impacts of a responsibility agenda for synthetic biology’

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The 19thPEALS International Symposium will take place in Newcastle University’s award winning Urban Sciences Building on September 20-21 2018.  This invitation-only event is being organised by Ken and Simon as part of their contribution to the Synthetic Portabolomics project.

The symposium will follow the tried and tested PEALS format of bringing together policymakers, practitioners and academics from different disciplines, and from across Europe and the UK, to explore Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in synthetic biology and wider biosciences. Topics for discussion include:

  • The place of RRI in science and society
  • How scientists can make time and spaces to reflect on their work and anticipate its impacts, positive and negative, on stakeholders and wider society
  • What meaningful actions and engagement might look like
  • The governance and legal aspects of a responsible innovation agenda
  • The Implications of RRI on both the transfer of knowledge from academia to industry and industrial development of potential marketable products.

Participants are drawn from the UK Synthetic Biology Leadership Council, UK Department for International Trade, Doulix/Explora Biotech (Venice), Bac2Code, Centre for Process Innovation, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council and the Universities of Antwerp, Bristol, Edinburgh, Exeter, Maastricht, Manchester and Newcastle.

You can find the Peals 19thInternational symposium programme here.