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Naylor, Jonathan; Fellermann, Harold ; Ding, Yuchun ; Mohammed, Waleed K; Jakubovics, Nicholas S; Mukherjee, Joy ; Biggs, Catherine A; Wright, Phillip C; Krasnogor, Natalio

Simbiotics: A Multiscale Integrative Platform for 3D Modeling of Bacterial Populations Journal Article

ACS Synthetic Biology, 2017.

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Shmarov, Fedor; Paoletti, Nicola ; Bartocci, Ezio ; Lin, Shan ; Smolka, Scott A; Zuliani, Paolo

SMT-based Synthesis of Safe and Robust PID Controllers for Stochastic Hybrid Systems Incollection

Hardware and Software: Verification and Testing, pp. 131–146, Springer International Publishing, 2017.

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Kozyra, Jerzy; Fellermann, Harold ; Shirt-Ediss, Ben ; Lopiccolo, Annunziata ; Krasnogor, Natalio

Optimizing nucleic acid sequences for a molecular data recorder Inproceedings

Proceedings of the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference on - GECCO '17, pp. 1145–1152, Berlin, Germany, 2017.

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Goñi-Moreno, Angel; Wipat, Anil ; Krasnogor, Natalio

CSBB: synthetic biology research at Newcastle University Journal Article

Biochemical Society Transactions, 45 (3), pp. 781–783, 2017.

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Bauer, Roman; Kaiser, Marcus

Nonlinear growth: an origin of hub organization in complex networks Journal Article

Royal Society Open Science, 4 (3), pp. 160691, 2017.

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Lazzarini, Nicola; Widera, Paweł ; Williamson, Stuart ; Heer, Rakesh ; Krasnogor, Natalio ; Bacardit, Jaume

Functional networks inference from rule-based machine learning models Journal Article

BioData Mining, 9 (1), 2016.

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Shmarov, Fedor; Zuliani, Paolo

Probabilistic Hybrid Systems Verification via SMT and Monte Carlo Techniques Incollection

Hardware and Software: Verification and Testing, pp. 152–168, Springer International Publishing, 2016.

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Fellermann, Harold; Lopiccolo, Annunziata ; Kozyra, Jerzy ; Krasnogor, Natalio

In Vitro Implementation of a Stack Data Structure Based on DNA Strand Displacement Incollection

Unconventional Computation and Natural Computation, pp. 87–98, Springer International Publishing, 2016.

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