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Dr Ben Shirt-Ediss

Computing Science, Strand 2.1 Multi-omics networks across species; 4.2.c Bio-adaptor for cell control & interfacing - Temporal clocking, DNA origami



Dr. Ben Shirt-Ediss is a computer scientist with a special interest in modelling chemical, biochemical and physico-chemical systems. He is currently a Research Associate in Computational Nanobiology within the ICOS group at Newcastle University.

In the Portabolomics project, Dr. Shirt-Ediss was involved with the computational/theoretical modelling of biomolecular processes, such as the circadian rhythm oscillator. Also, he was involved with modelling the formation of DNA/RNA-based nano-structures.

In November 2020, Ben moved to the highly interdisciplinary team in the project EnDROIDS, our recently funded Royal Academy of Engineering ten years long quest to bridge nanotechnology and synthetic biology to achieve sophisticated in vivo information processing.


Tel: 0191 208 5036

Website: Click here