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Dr Amias Moore

Centre for Bacterial Cell Biology, Strand. 4.2.b Bio-adaptor for cell control & interfacing - Separation of transcription, translation and regulatory processes of the portabolomics interface




Amias obtained his PhD in Microbiology from the University of Kent in 2018.

During his PhD he worked on the regulation of the extracytoplasmic stress response in E. coli; demonstrating its far reaching, and previously undocumented connectivity with many different regulatory networks.

Most recently Amias worked on whole-cell biocatalysts used for industrial fermentations. This project used novel methods based on multi-omic analyses and synthetic biology to develop more robust chassis strains.

Currently a member of Professor Nikolay Zenkin’s laboratory, Amias is working on better understanding and characterising YonO-like single subunit RNA polymerases.