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Dr Amias Moore

Centre for Bacterial Cell Biology, Strand. 4.2.b Bio-adaptor for cell control & interfacing - Separation of transcription, translation and regulatory processes of the portabolomics interface




Within the Portabolomics project, Amias worked on better understanding and characterising YonO-like single subunit RNA polymerases.

Amias is now working at The Hub for Biotechnology in the Built Environment (HBBE). This collaboration between the universities of Northumbria and Newcastle is a consortium of architects, artists, and scientists.

HBBE aims to reduce pollution, generate energy and high-value products from waste by creating a new generation of living materials, responsive buildings, and sustainable microbial manufacturing strategies.

Amias is developing new chassis strains able to grow on and convert urban waste to useful industrial products. He is passionate about using biotechnology to develop sustainable solutions to societal challenges.

Key interests: Synthetic biology, Sustainable biotechnology, Circular economy, Waste valorisation.