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Dr Alessandro Ceccarelli

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Dr Alessandro Ceccarelli was a PhD student at Newcastle University and worked together with Emanuela Torelli on the DNA/RNA origami for in vivo applications project. He got his PhD awarded in 2019 and moved on to work as a Synthetic Biologist at FabricNano Ltd.

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Dr Jerzy Kozyra

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Jurek KozyraDr Jerzy Kozyra left ICOS and the Portabolomics group in 2018 where he worked on the CellRepo project. He founded the biotech startup Nanovery Ltd. which is based in Newcastle. Nanovery seeks to utilise DNA nanotechnology for personalised cancer diagnostics.

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Dr Shouyong Jiang

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btyShouyong is a computer science researcher and joined the ICOS group in 2017. He was involved in the Portabolomics project, focusing on metabolic network modelling, flux balance analysis, and network interdiction. After leaving the group, Shouyong started a lecturer position in Machine Learning at the College of Science, University of Lincoln and worked as programme lead of MSc Data Science and Applications.

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Dr Lucy Eland

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Dr Lucy Eland was a Research Associate on the Portabolomics project, working with Dr Wendy Smith, Dr Anil Wipat and Yiming Huang on mapping the stress landscape of Bacillus subtilis, for the identification of industrially useful stress biomarkers. Lucy is now taking a career break to focus on her family.

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Dr Amias Moore

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Within the Portabolomics project, Amias worked on better understanding and characterising YonO-like single subunit RNA polymerases.

Amias is now working at The Hub for Biotechnology in the Built Environment (HBBE). This collaboration between the universities of Northumbria and Newcastle is a consortium of architects,

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Bradley Brown

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T--Newcastle--BradleyBradley is a member of the ICOS research group and works at the interface of computing and biology. He has completed a BSc in Biochemistry at the University of Exeter and a MSc in Synthetic Biology at Newcastle University.  Bradley was also involved in multiple iGEM teams as a team member,

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Dr Bowen Li

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Bowen worked as a Research Associate and left the Portabolomics project in August 202. His work focused on formal verification (in particular, model checking) on Synthetic Biology and the Portabolomics Bio-adaptor. He continues to work in the group of Dr Paolo Zuliani on the EPSRC  funded (IAA award) project “BioHPC: Simulating Microbial Communities on High-Performance Computers”.

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Dr Grace Goldsmith

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GG Goldsmith

Grace left the Portabolomics group after finishing her PhD to pursue a career in medical writing. She started her new role in January 2022. Grace worked within the compartmentalisation strand of Portabolomics in the laboratory group of Dr Richard Daniel, working closely with Dr Aurelie Guyet.

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Dr Adam Azzi

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Within Portabolomics Adam did preliminary work on the design of an RNA aptamer bio-sensor which will form part of the Portabolomics bio-adapter’s regulatory network. In December 2021, Adam started his new position as a R&D scientist at Procter & Gamble, Newcastle upon Tyne.

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Dr Giorgio Lai

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Giorgio obtained his PhD from Newcastle Universityin December 2021. His work focused on  elucidating the mechanisms through which the cyanobacterial circadian clock controls gene expression at the transcriptional level and on transplanting a simplified version of the circadian system into hosts of industrial interest such as E. coli and B.

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