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Awards 2018

  • Gordon Research Conference, RNA Nanotechnology, Nucleic Acid Architectures for Therapeutics, Diagnostics, Devices and Materials. January 13-18 2019, Ventura, CA, USA. Award for Outstanding Poster Presentation E. Torelli. ” Walk on the Origami Side: From Switchable DNA Nanodevices to Light-up Bio-orthogonal RNA Nanoribbon”, Authors: E. Torelli, J Kozyra,J-Y Gu, U Stimming, L Piantanida, K Voïtchovsky, N.
  • Ben Shirt-Ediss received the Royal Society International Exchange Grant (IES\R1\180080) to develop computational models of nucleic acid nanostructure folding with Bordeaux University in France (Dr. Juan Elezgaray).